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Winterland: Create a Beautiful Garden for Every Season
Now available from Princeton Architectural Press; get your copy today

Filled with photographs of inspiring gardens in winter, this practical and accessible guide will show you how to make your garden a place of beauty during the winter months, as well as throughout the year. Why put all of our gardening effort into enhancing the magnificent but short months of summer?



With Winterland, learn how the dramatic stillness of a garden in winter provides abundant opportunities to deepen our connection with nature. You will be guided through the basics of creating rich and compelling all-season garden environments—exploring form, texture, plant choices, lighting, and more. Design strategies are reinforced by practical advice on garden care, pruning, maintenance, and coexisting with animals and birds. Learn how to position a distinctive tree to capture the first rays of a rosy December sunrise, or reconceive the flow of an entire landscape. Winterland gives gardeners the tools to develop outdoor havens that will evolve over seasons and years, to become true garden sanctuaries for any season.

- Booklist

“Rees, a gardener and horticulturist in Maine (where winter can last seven months), uses the expertise she’s accumulated to highlight the seemingly small choices that can have a big impact during the fallow months between growing seasons. Where most gardening books that refer to winter focus on those warmer climates, this is a rare treat that concentrates on enjoying the garden even at a time when it must be done from indoors.”

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