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  • Cathy Rees

4 Ways to embellish your garden

1. Lighting – As daylight begins to wane in the fall, take time to locate fixtures to illuminate your walkways and paths. Low voltage wiring needs to be buried and solar spikes need to be installed before the ground freezes. Consider solar lighting or votive lights for lighting needed only during the winter, to light the way to your fire pit for example, and permanent low voltage fixtures for your entrance walkway.

2. Ornament - Site and install a base for a sculpture to be enjoyed during the winter months. Dig down at least 12”, line it with filter fabric, fill the hole with crushed rock for drainage, top with more filter fabric to maintain the pore space, and place a flat stone or plinth on the top. You are now ready to display something colorful to cheer up a bleak day or a something intricate that will cast shadows in the slanting winter light. What about a rotating display of different objects?

3. Structures – Now is the time to install that privacy screen to block an unwanted view that will open up when the leaves fall. Build something temporary out of brush or install something permanent like a fence that will require posts set in the ground. Having a structure as a backdrop to the winter garden can also focus attention inward and create a feeling of intimacy.

4. Stone – While winter might not be a bad time to move stone around in the garden, doing less damage when the ground is frozen, it is not a good time to set the stone. Everything outdoors, including the largest stone, is subject to heaving in the winter. Stones in the garden also need to be partially buried to look natural. A stone wall will need a deep foundation to keep it upright for decades to come, so prepare the ground before it freezes for winter stone projects.

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